Camping in a Military Sleeping Bag

Military Sleeping Bag

A military sleeping bag is a great choice for the camper or hiker who prefers gear that has both extra-protection and a functional, efficient design, something the military is quite well-known for and has rigorously perfected. Many companies have their own version of a military sleeping bag that includes all the components of a real […]

Gotta Have Gear: The Lafuma Sleeping Bag

Lafuma Sleeping Bag

The Lafuma sleeping bag is one piece of camping equipment that outdoor enthusiasts agree is irreplaceable. Craftsmanship and quality in conjunction with ultra-modern technology has made for a very adept product that is recognized around the world. Aimed at maximizing thermal insulation-to-weight ratios, Lafuma guarantees a comfortable rest in their sleeping bags for any size […]

The Best Part of Being a Kid: Sleeping Bag Sleepovers

For a younger kid, sleeping bag sleepovers are all about fun. It’s about getting to go to a friends house, stay up late and then snuggle into a sleeping bag with a favorite cartoon character or colorful design brightly displayed all over. As kids get older, sleeping bag sleepovers are still fun- as along as […]

Must Have Camping Gear: The Coleman Sleeping Bag

The Coleman sleeping bag is a quality product that any camping enthusiast, be it die-hard enthusiast or weekend warrior, would be proud to have. The Coleman Company has been manufacturing outdoor gear for nearly 100 years and those who hear the Coleman name generally know that it stands for a quality product. Their sleeping bags […]

The Coleman Exponent Sleeping Bag

The Coleman Outdoor Company is one of the most well-known names when it comes to outdoor equipment. Their commitment to craftsmanship and quality has put their name and products in households across America for nearly 100 years. The Coleman Exponent sleeping bag is yet another one of their outstanding products. With consumers in mind, Coleman […]

Finding a Camping Sleeping Bag

The great thing about a modern camping sleeping bag is that you can expect it to be comfortable, affordable, warm and light. Whether one is a die-hard outdoor enthusiast or a weekend warrior, it is important to find a camping sleeping bag that meets all the necessary needs for a successful night out under the […]

Tearing Down Camp: Sleeping Bag Cleaning Solutions

A trip to the outdoors can be a lot of fun and a great way to let the cares of the world slip away in the quiet of nature. Yet, in order for the next camping trip to be any fun, all the gear in the camp has to be properly cared for and maintained […]

Quality Gear: The Backside Sleeping Bag

A Backside sleeping bag is the perfect choice for the outdoor enthusiast who takes their outdoor excursions to the extreme of cooler weather conditions. A quality piece of survival equipment that can withstand such cooler conditions needs a number of features and a high level of quality. In order to produce such a superior item, […]

Finding the Backpacking Sleeping Bag Worth Packing

The backpacker is the ultimate freedom lover. Out and about in nature, they take in everything there is to offer- including the bugs, rough terrain and, at times, inclement weather. The seasoned backpacker is always well-prepared and leaves nothing to chance, knowing one small slip-up on even the simplest of trips can be a dangerous […]

When Youre Ready for Fun! The Wiggles Sleeping Bag

Finally, it’s ok for kids to have The Wiggles! The Wiggles are a fun childrens music group from the land of Australia and a favorite with preschoolers and paren’ts everywhere. A bright and fun Wiggles sleeping bag can bring tons of enjoyment for sleepovers or just camping out on the living room floor. Children have […]